Uncanny valley

from by Allie



Dont wanna end up like Jeddy 3
This left behind and sad machine
So say goodbye, its time to leave
Your money paid for this street, let's go
Just tell them you dont want nomore
and jump the sill and hit the floor
Youll always be crawling like a mummy back
Home straight into your little bed
And though you wanna be dead inside
Behind that cloth theres still a light
I can see it
Dont say theres not, I see it shine

Theres a lady in your backyard with a frown
and shes living on wood
But dont act like a robot would
All the doctors say its gonna be okay
that very soon shell go away
The garden view will be colorful
But some of the shit they gave you
bulldozed it to build a freeway
cut the apple trees away

When all the dirt has settled down
theres no patch left but still a frown
I wonder why, I wonder enough
Looks like somebody pissed her off
Oh oh, thats her uncanny smile
Out of her face into the night

Nightmares are not from far but live right next door
and come over at weird times
and hide underneath your sheets
Wake up youll scent and see
something thats for you what cutoff eyebrows is for me
Some hearts stop at this sight
the ones of rabbits and mice
But unless youre old and weak enough a man dont die
They shouldve grabbed a gun
do chk chk and get it done
instead of wasting all that lorazepam

Well if it helps it doesnt show
More dresses like a bulldozer
Stuff sure is good at hiding it
Still someone waiting in my bed
This one goes out to all Jeddy 3s
Who waved and said dont follow me
Its time to take whats coming to you all washing my toes
Thats where I look at the most
That bullet too is on its way
straight towards the light into your face

I get sleepy with and without the pills its gettin ice cream cold

See its never black and white like stracciatella
More both of them
Ambiguous like coke or vanilla
Sometimes I think that life is but a snobby traveller
that misses home insane
Dont wanna do what Chris Wallace did
always talkin about dying, then getting killed

Be either dead or alive
or like that mummy both at the same time


from Uncanny Valley, released March 1, 2013
Florian: guitar, vocals, harmonium
Tim: knives, percussion



all rights reserved


Allie Berlin, Germany

Allie is a solo artist from Berlin who released his 4th album in June '15 on Motor/RaR.
The first 2 were homerecorded and released with Ramin Ton, a Berlin-based gang. He co-scored a film with Paul Giamatti and then played solo shows in New York, Paris and all over Germany.
His 3rd album Uncanny Valley was recorded at Clouds Hill Recordings in Hamburg and came out in March '13.
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