Uncanny Valley

by Allie

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Released on Clouds Hill/Rough Trade Distribution

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released March 1, 2013

Produced, engineered and recorded by Johann Scheerer at Clouds Hill Recordings, Hamburg/Rothenburgsort
Mixed there, too, by Johann Scheerer and Florian Boss
Mastered by Chris von Rautenkranz at Soundgarden Mastering

Songs written by Florian Boss
Why I like baseball written by Florian and Max Boss
Parts of Love is quinine are inspired by To Have Or Have Not by Hemingway.
A million little fibers is the name of a South Park episode.



all rights reserved


Allie Berlin, Germany

Allie is a solo artist from Berlin who released his 4th album in June '15 on Motor/RaR.
The first 2 were homerecorded and released with Ramin Ton, a Berlin-based gang. He co-scored a film with Paul Giamatti and then played solo shows in New York, Paris and all over Germany.
His 3rd album Uncanny Valley was recorded at Clouds Hill Recordings in Hamburg and came out in March '13.
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Track Name: Patti
Send me down, please
See felonies the police cant count
Dont believe that Jesus
was sent down to police us

Maybe something sees us
through littlelittle cracks in the whitest tent
And I think there were only some cut out
cause over up above I can see no clouds
And the summer in a tent gets sticky
when the sun burns like my city

Sneaky bored and tan he peeks at us
Sometimes he just likes us too much
And all good lovers blow stuff up
and get hyped up til heartbeats stop
So Im thinking of a flaming city
as something like his hickey

And I hope you feel the same
Something nice to blame
But please dont act like a robot

Send me down, please
See felonies the police cant count
Dont belong to Jesus
just like Patti Smith says
Track Name: Real highlights
I saw you in the subway when you wore a pigtail
pretty kind of shoes and a dress I liked
Our eyes met for too long to just turn around and run home
so I set a day before I said good bye
Now cant we skip to whats following the intro
and I dont mean the thing we did in bed at night
Im talking about the outros when love fell and the pain rose
All of that to hear you in the bathroom crying
about when it was just right, starting on that busride
all the way to when you were embarrassing my song
or something of that kind, you know, whatever comes to mind
whatever reminds me its been going for way too long
Sorry if this song offends you
and that a song about you is not even one you dance to
but no end til I try
You know, Ill look you in the eye and tell you I dont know what
just a few words and these words will make you cry

How can I say this, want you to understand it
Its like an animal what we once had
Something like a sea cow that was merry but is now
swimming belly up, yeah it's dead

I saw you in the metro eating a burrito
sitting in the crowd but I just cant hide
This is the nearest I will ever get
cause now I only see your head
When I come closer someone in a distance dies
So why dont you go now
I focus on the background
before you see me longer than necessary
Ive already been through this
You show me how this is fruitless
and the shape of your ass as you walk away from me
I used to talk
I used to feel like eating hearts with a fork
And no end til I ruin it
It takes somebody cruel
You didnt show you like me
but to make it work I have to love you too

How can I say this, want you to understand it
Its like an animal that broke its back
No its not a Batman, he does what noone else can
You can only tell it probably ends up dead

Takes a lot of feel and at least more than an ordinary bow
Same thing wherever you go
Put up with beats, stand up and grow
Takes a lot of feel and at least more than just one normal arrow

So many parrots and canaries in the room here
but I dont even know the kind of rules they set
Like do I ask your father, can I be with your daughter
Wait I dont know how this got into my head

Why cant I say this, want you to understand it
Im like an idiot if I leave soon cause you seem like a cool cat
and I dont wanna say that to the mirror
I wanna say it to you
Track Name: Mayo
I hope you know how lucky you are
since you dont let it show
You got a lot of girls and a car
that wont get old
I wonder if theres deep in your brain
a little thing you wish for in vain
I hope you know how lucky you are
being this huge radio star

You give a lot, your heart etc
and dont know what you get for it
Advice does not make me feel better
just make me feel like shit

So maybe Ill get as lucky as you
Feeling always good
Pretty models and incredible cars
singing on the radio charts
And then Id get addicted to drugs
and die on a toilet seat in a club
Its like I have to pee but I cant
something I just dont understand

Some of you wait and die freely
sipping at ancient wine
and some of you break their spines cruelly

Hope you know how lucky you are
Some things I dont know, some things I dont
Some things I know, some things I dont
Track Name: Why I like baseball
So we are done for?
Its the reason we all share
Track Name: Speed boat ride
Everytime I turn from side to side  
Im going on a speed boat ride
Standing at the wheel
and staring at the hours going by
Only water spitting in my sight
Maybe I will be out for the night

I know your eyes go well with you
I hope me and speedboats do too
So I said
Why dont you take a break
come over to my house
and find out what Im really all about
Think those were the words that I did choose

Thought youd be a little bit more fun
Language isnt made for everyone
Awkward stories
I use to tell em to myself and laugh and laugh
They wont glow for me out here in the dark
And you just had to write another one
didnt you?
Track Name: Number 1
Youve been away
Now where did you go?
Im your only friend so Im supposed to know
Youll never top the holidays my family has saved for
So you spent the summer getting sick?
So you were not well? As if I give a shit
And instead of going out and tanning
you had to stay over at that house
of hers

Passing there it bothers me
cause Ive been only once and you go constantly
So I make it right before and take another way
back home
Its the kind of road you only like
if youve walked it since you were a child
Youll get to know my razor blade
unless youll be a man and try to race me here

Now tell me are you scared?
Cause I would be
is what the fortune teller said to me
Made me feel a little chilly
though I know its kind of silly
cause those rituals have always been
either crimes or sins or something in between
Those people aint no doctors
Theyre just poking in the fog
you know?

But then again science isnt always right
Actually it changed a lot throughout my life
And that lady shuffled cards
like she had studied it in class
Also had a bunch of cats who seemed to know a lot
Dont you think the way they look at you is kind of odd?
Keep their eyes on you like a gun
as if they know what you have done

I bet you never won a fight and never lost an incisor
Good for you but let me tell you what it takes
to be number 1

Is this what you wanted when you said
you'll get the best out of life huh?
Its a start but let me tell you it takes a lot more
to be number 1

Youve been away
Now where did you go?
Its not easy for me too, you know
because according to the cards
there is a puzzle in my heart
And Im not sure how to handle it
Told me I will lose and I dont wanna give a shit
I hope the road will understand
that things got a little out of hand

Sometimes I am wrong and you are right
and the only friend that Ive had all my life
Now its not easy to decipher
if they cheer or if they cry
for me
Track Name: Love is quinine
When hes up, yeah
well let him know that youre on the way
Same for everyone
Though you did act as you were interested
in the way he moves
Same as everyone
and to each his own
Understand the power of a lie
Pack up and tell me when youre done
Youre face has lost its silver lining
By now it could be anyones

How come you never sent me any note from America?
Cant just carry on
Cant we just jump in from another side of the ocean
New for everyone
No no I think its cooler when you run
and wind up where a flower leads to
Undress and tell me when youre done
Your bodys blue from all the fighting
like petals in a setting sun

He gets delirious
Its when I think 'He lame'
If Im still good at what I do
why is more red than blue now in the flame?
Makeup mirrors are all you truly smile in
and sadly youre not cool enough for lying
Ill go play golf again, hit some thing fourty times
At least something fourty times, to take a hit and feel alive
At least something fourty times
Take a hit, make up a mind

Its not the same for everyone
Pack up, I know what you have done
Youre like a skeleton
You know nothing bout a heart and
Baby please dont go
Free fall is a part of flying
The birds on the buffalo
eat and help at the same time
Oh oh no, dont you go
Oh oh no, where you wanna go?
On your feet theres no relying
No baby please dont go
and take away whats mine

Your face is a mess from all the fighting
and somehow lost its silver lining
Wish youd do more of the talking
Id better know then what youre thinking
Its not the same without the fighting
not the same without the fighting part
Love is quinine biting hard
Oh my god
Track Name: Try to hold her hand one day
How you know when your nose is gonna bleed?

Made one too many eggs
But you already ate
Said you wanna wait

Feel like trampoline?
Ill come but I cant stay
Where it goes you never know
Just make sure its on the way
With or without you, babe

How you know that it was me?

Then we get away but you were already
where the world seems what it aint

Am I just a man you met?
Yeah well sure but not today
Real love is giving head and never turn away
or give one arm hugs instead

If there is enough for me
how many eggs are left to break?

To what you wanna pray
and where you wanna go
To whom you wanna say

Try to hold her hand one day
Would be plenty for one day
When you get away dont talk
what youve never meant to say

And one day you will die
Sent her off at night
Run away dont talk
to one you hold on tight
cause one day you will die
Track Name: A million little fibers
Guess I have to wait no more
there are deaths that aint worth dying
I guess I have to wait no more

If youre turning away it still happens though
It dont matter much if youre rich or so
If you came along or have been here all the time
You could be next to follow just as soon as you line up
There are deaths that aint worth dying

Now hold on let me tell for a sec
This is how it works
One giant queue and they are all moving in reverse
See, youre blind
And if you hear someone talk behind
you know of at least one more and that youre not next in line
Thats why you hear people sighing
Thats why you hear all this sighing

So let me just add some more
There would be rumours all the time about how many are behind a thousand or only nine? And that could nobody know cause some keep their voices low still everybody made a guess and if you wanna trade places youll have to pay more or less It just depends on a guess But why would somebody in the back agree? Cause if its a day or a year seems to make a difference and for money some take a chance it makes a whole lotta sense They aint greedy you have to pay the rent Business is even harder if you cant look each other in the eye probably the reason why
some people leave it at sighing

Maybe you are you are still wondering why and how that has something to do with life
Maybe even if youll ever be that bright

People standing in line is a metaphor
you wouldnt believe what you can use it for
Opportunism, life in general, everything
just about every time you feel like lecturing
Though theres truth to it I cant deny
There are really deaths that aint worth dying
and that some people love to sigh
is probably also right
Track Name: Carseller
Theres some shit you wanna pay for
though your salary is so small
Sing it to yourself at night
Now its gonna be alright
And nobody in the whole world
wants to hear you crying like a schoolgirl
when you dont even have one cent
Well it happened to me once and
I almost never came back

I was going for my Mercedes in debt
Wish I would at least have bought a Cadillac
I would pay and dust it everyday but in fact
Im feeling dirty in my Mercedes instead

Why wouldnt the carseller just let go of my head
The more I think about it now the more I regret
Why couldnt he just let go of my head
Im feeling dirty in my Mercedes instead

Sittin at the wheel I had made in radiant black
The cardealers words still echo in my head
Hitting the gas would feel like flying
Mh mh right
Like flying cold and freaky and sad
Just like flying cold and freaky and sad
Til Im like thirty Ill have to pay off the debt
I just wish I had a Cadillac

Id be sitting on the porch and seeing it shine
And the reason no remorse would trouble my mind
is that Id know soon Id call it my own
and then I would never take out a loan again

How the cashier is?
I dont know, I guess she didnt like me much
All sassy with her cash that I should grab it with a mask and such
Shell be crying like a baby when Im heading for her register
Who thought Im gonna make it this far?

Ill be sitting on the porch and seeing it shine
And the reason no remorse will trouble my mind
Is that I will know I call it my own
And then Ill never ever have to take out a loan again

Let go of my head
Why cant you
You just let go
Track Name: Uncanny valley
Dont wanna end up like Jeddy 3
This left behind and sad machine
So say goodbye, its time to leave
Your money paid for this street, let's go
Just tell them you dont want nomore
and jump the sill and hit the floor
Youll always be crawling like a mummy back
Home straight into your little bed
And though you wanna be dead inside
Behind that cloth theres still a light
I can see it
Dont say theres not, I see it shine

Theres a lady in your backyard with a frown
and shes living on wood
But dont act like a robot would
All the doctors say its gonna be okay
that very soon shell go away
The garden view will be colorful
But some of the shit they gave you
bulldozed it to build a freeway
cut the apple trees away

When all the dirt has settled down
theres no patch left but still a frown
I wonder why, I wonder enough
Looks like somebody pissed her off
Oh oh, thats her uncanny smile
Out of her face into the night

Nightmares are not from far but live right next door
and come over at weird times
and hide underneath your sheets
Wake up youll scent and see
something thats for you what cutoff eyebrows is for me
Some hearts stop at this sight
the ones of rabbits and mice
But unless youre old and weak enough a man dont die
They shouldve grabbed a gun
do chk chk and get it done
instead of wasting all that lorazepam

Well if it helps it doesnt show
More dresses like a bulldozer
Stuff sure is good at hiding it
Still someone waiting in my bed
This one goes out to all Jeddy 3s
Who waved and said dont follow me
Its time to take whats coming to you all washing my toes
Thats where I look at the most
That bullet too is on its way
straight towards the light into your face

I get sleepy with and without the pills its gettin ice cream cold

See its never black and white like stracciatella
More both of them
Ambiguous like coke or vanilla
Sometimes I think that life is but a snobby traveller
that misses home insane
Dont wanna do what Chris Wallace did
always talkin about dying, then getting killed

Be either dead or alive
or like that mummy both at the same time