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New friends

by Allie

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(...what do you want? Tell the man that I'm sorry but I can't find your mom, tell the man that I'm sorry but I can't) I walked out the other day and confetti fell on my head like a bomb With cold feet inside my shoes what's the point about truth? Don't surrender just ignite the golden fires at night You and I once built a tent, right now the window is my friend Cause all you call mysterious is out there and the asking, too For a moment I believed that the villain is the thief And the witches and magicians and the fairies for the wishing were out of life Follow me behind the stairs where we sooner did our prayers We are free behind the fence, right now the doors are all my friends Play a song to bring me higher, out of these walls full of wires
Rats 03:24
When you asked me if I stay for the night and I went home I was about to go but then you came and tried, now I'm home And you say when you'll go where the potatoes grow I will cry, But see, tears and waters flow all over and out of you and so do I It takes wind or some time to dry When you asked me if I stay for the night and I went home In bed I heard the rats chasing round me in the walls like a rain of stones Reminds me of the time when I was 10 and you grew old Daytime was for friends and in the night I prayed for gold and the day to come it will shine for everyone and for the day it shines for you Tell an empty road how you get rid of girls Can you believe your eyes Who knew you'd really buy that I'd go only for a ride He left us long ago, do you not remember? So you'll never know, but bet he is fine and really off the radar again and again...
Time to run 03:40
If you had lived in early 1930s wouldn't you have thought that will be great When nobody knew what to go for, when nobody knew what to say And before you see your children crying and your friends you fall for evil things I'll tell you this before I forget it Parts come and something goes every day But for all the sad friends of nobodys who went to heaven before they were grey Til at least there finally in your bedroom stands a man What a sight If you call yourself unstoppable you should wonder, ask yourself Are you really that invincible or did you see someone else is? No you say your dancing got colder and the times you party got rare As you sit on your friends cold shoulder you bury your hands in the hair Better you go, you've been in the sun Better you go, before it's time to run Some are giving up for no reason It takes down and home to the kids How could you live, you got to believe it You have to bury the dust to grow rich Nowadays you rest in your corridor Everything's old, everybody's gone You thought you had a smile that can't be beaten and everybody knows you don't like it when you're wrong Sitting in the park and you look very sad cause someone sneaks behind you with a baseball bat So you never know Sorry you wake up in rain Changes always come by you like a train
Rose hips 03:50
Are you ready for some action? Better you believe, son Are you ready for some action? Better you believe Some say he's a former ninja, some say he's not Sit down we sing his song, come here and sing along I can make you feel better, now show me you're a believer And I will show you mine, but now show me yours, Sabrina 'No I'm not that kind of girl', she said she won't Some call it hair of gold, some say it's blonde At times I am a little scared that something isn't right Noone comes to party in the corner of my mind It blew my mind at age 15 watching lovers do that thing I peeled rose hips for a girl and stuck it in the collar of her shirt to make her burn
Sleep 00:36
Body poetry 04:13
I don't know what to say when the bodies in my way feel the same as mine being right in their way, I don't know... I heard something in the coffee is as bad as eating candy If you have a lot your bones get a coffee colour will make you weak Slowly I wake up and it's almost 2 o'clock When my kitchen has a grape I'll get purple pretty bones, so funny Something's wrong with my tides but it feels so right to be up late and have the birds early sing me to sleep If you're going somewhere nice to a safari in the wild or a lonely bay It's not easy to be righteous on the beaches I dont know what to say to a sun that hits my brain inside I think it should be alright for me to be in it's way I don't know Ohh... Only idiots try and what I didn't die of sends me home
Dusty love 05:03
Time is lost when all my teeth go blind in front of many black lights because of all what's in between my teeth It's nice to know you barely speak In language I've been really weak since someone made the words jump off my lips I told him about my job that day he just kept talking on and on and... Say to who the fuck do you really care So what's moving me I keep inside my eyes cause it'd be pretty wild to let it out not knowing where to go I saw him and he said he's sorry He asked me how I've been and I said 'Fine' But now I turn my face to you with all my socks in apple juice The water is getting flavors from the brain The love I make is feeling dusty If you'd be in and all around me maybe someone else'd just make it worse But trying is in the world today I feel like it's not far away from you Sticky skin is what I'd like you in Cause birds they all believe in trees like all your lips believe in me as someone who could maybe change a night Some really dusty, some really dusty love Cause what this song about is why it's baby sounds I sing and cry And that's the one I'm only good at, too
Eye on you 04:18
I said I'd have an eye on you to everyone and to myself For days it's us but noone else, don't stop walking in the snow Never stop when its that cold Life was slow, then started to run In '95 and it's on and on Now far away, but I still hear you Sorry, where do we go Ready, so we do Sooner or later you'll be off the radar Let it be your fault It still feels like the way we are You're still my favorite Since we shared our favorite taste, since that day well things have changed You say 'It's sad to see your soul's smelly at least try to keep it clean' I don't want to try, I try all the time when I'm dancing for money Say goodbye when you go for a walk cause noone knows what you feel Sometimes we wait for reasons to hate you My hearts not easy, maybe never will be blow-dried and needing water cause its always raining somewhere Yeah, you're still following us You're still my favorite Still my favorite
Life is bending you so fast in a town where ease has passed away I found a place where the sun sits in a grave After night no morning light You dive in the water like a pirate Sometimes I don't know what you think is wrong Maybe when it's everywhere I'll stay Your head has changed when you're so far away When you go next time please tell me Life's so fast when youre around But the hometrain doesn't stop for hours and days Even halfway would be really far and there's always something in the way Shadows in the waves but you still guide us You swim or as fish would say you still go Someone needs an 'apologize' Some bodies slowly fall to where no sun will rise I turn on lights, it's kitchen time Flies take off and roaches hide You and me are all my guests Here's a place where noone lasts
And he said: 'Fine, don't go in too far, kids always want to go finding' And they know for sure, things are not so real when they come out of the blue Every girl gives a dollar when you say it's something boys look surprised in But every man needs a woman and every woman needs a man The stones underwater roll like dice to you and shoot close like a rocket Sea horses and the carps never go alone and come near fast as the wind Take a look around, ask all your friends and see only you think im kidding From the belly of a whale ain't never coming back here who takes this as a joke And he said 'Girl, don't go in too far, kids always want to go fighting' And they know for sure things are not so real when they come fast as the wind 'No' he said 'boy, nightmares come out of your closet like skirts in the night' At times I feel all at once and open but I'm never wild
We can't 05:24
I thought I'll be sick but now I'm better I told my friends I don't have time They'll come from far away to see me but not from New York City ...


released August 27, 2011

Homerecorded in Berlin, Germany
Produced at Fluma Studio with Cyan kid, thank you.

RTN#043 / 27. August 2011 © F. Boss

Write me: allie@ramin-ton.net


all rights reserved



Allie Berlin, Germany

Allie is a solo artist from Berlin who released his 4th album in June '15 on Motor/RaR.
The first 2 were homerecorded and released with Ramin Ton, a Berlin-based gang. He co-scored a film with Paul Giamatti and then played solo shows in New York, Paris and all over Germany.
His 3rd album Uncanny Valley was recorded at Clouds Hill Recordings in Hamburg and came out in March '13.
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