Mimi king

by Allie

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released April 26, 2010

Everything written & performed by Allie, but
#7 written by Stockholm
#4 5 6 8 9 written & performed with Cyan kid
Produced by Allie with Cyan kid

RTN#028 © 2010 / 04 / 26 Florian Boss



all rights reserved


Allie Berlin, Germany

Allie is a solo artist from Berlin who released his 4th album in June '15 on Motor/RaR.
The first 2 were homerecorded and released with Ramin Ton, a Berlin-based gang. He co-scored a film with Paul Giamatti and then played solo shows in New York, Paris and all over Germany.
His 3rd album Uncanny Valley was recorded at Clouds Hill Recordings in Hamburg and came out in March '13.
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Track Name: Little ghostman
Just a littlelittle piece of that and a littlelittle bit of this, too.
My feelings dipped in two jams. I ain't never gonna read in those,
am i ever going to be a ghostman
Ain't nobody can tell

Nononevernever don't do that. Will I get a little help on that
I'd scream if i got shot.
I painted Jesus as a kid, the blood's still running as it drips down
You can't lie it away

From a feeling good and well to me leaving angry and sad
it's only moments away.
Every painting is a scratch, every step a piece of glass.
So you will catch me but

little Allie won't be sorry.
Start again a different story book, maybe 'Ghost in a shell'
Riding bikes on the balkony, jumping off the lightning tree
I saw big lights inside

Just a little piece of that and a little bit of this, too.
My fingers dipped into jams
When I'm never gonna read in those
am i ever gonna be a ghostman?
No more family jokes
Track Name: I can't read you
You said I had some doors away followed all of our story
Sorry, it's for myself to stop sailing on the spot
Sailing down the furling river to the far end of our story
You can pocket the front seat at any time when you want
Track Name: Insider
And my daddy in the car he talks so loud arriving in a barhole and the feeling in the body is burning fire all wrapped in the towel. Rose waits for me and she has
taken your dress to borrow and the debts always get higher.
Just between your thighs I put a moss to grow. Did not move a toe cause I did it with my eyes, I did it with my sorrow. I stretch my arms and get ready for work but as the years follow the stretch always gets drier.
Someone look at me because all I have really followed is at the end of days feeling good about tomorrow and you buy the shits. I am a cheater for your supper (for real, i will be)
He studies in a bar on days and nights, cheating the elderly. Come on do not let me down on this, I would bet a beer. And let 3,4,5,6 cans dissolve, puzzling folks on the table. They do not have a clue.
Later 1,2,6 men disappear, taking them out to forest
and soon he sees some fingers pointing „He is to blame for all of this“. He went up in smoke everytime
when they started the trials in front of 200 eyes.
And the dust remains between cityfathers shouting in the valley he is long behind of all the mountaintops
and says to himself „She turned me down not only once but twice, and three, and four and more times."
He came back and took of them all the fresh air, the last said in the night: „I can see your offalls cry
and the shadow in your bones fly“ „Then make that shades now disappear“ and guess what then followed „First i have to ask you: if your spirit dies can your body remain? I should be at work now but I will lay down my head in the corner of today and I will be no survivor, no“ By the way he was right and turned cold outside while he just waits for himself to
get tired all of the time.
And it all comes down to two helicopters crashing, to a punch in mounts, to the sound of Rose collapsing.
And the weight of this was much more than he could carry and I can hear the heart cracking through your chest. (When you go for somebody is the way where you go)
Track Name: Beaverchristmas
Beaver families want to celebrate with tinsels and the decorations.
Before the morning comes the old work for the young ones to survive and I see the trees start falling, year by year they keep on passing.
Snow falls on the Christmas graves tonight and in places warm and cosy, in search for crystal lights, beginning for the feast they take up time.
Not with one eye still dry, not without a prayer and credits for the dead and alive.

In the forest deep I crawl down in the cave
buying a beer and a bottle of wine
I made the trees fall once upon a time
if I get a dollar my christmas is save

I'm a brother, run a bath for you. Fairy tales come always easy in peculiar Christmas days.
Our bellies will remain hungry tonight. Think of all the bells still ringing, remember only one keeps you alive.
Track Name: Mimi king
When he seemed to grow and grow and the world it seemed so small, that was a scene I did not get but it's more the feeling of it all I hope for is two eyes who see all those thoughts that I have passed just to work off everything and all those things that I do when I'm nowhere to be seen and after all still wanting me.

And I still find a reason every time to be so calm and go away. But it's better to stay, it's better to say.
Track Name: We'll be ok
This time I'm nothing more than makeshift to you
And there's now way to change it, there is nothing I can do
I wouldn't change a thing, even if I could
I'm still a learner and I know this is no excuse

And you say Don't look that way
But there is nothing I could say
If it's no fun to be around anymore
I'm not sure we'll be ok

I'd love to see you get out of here
Do something different but do something, dear
I don't like the thought of having you near
I'm sick of your sickness which is really weird
Track Name: Nachts zuvor, Pt. 1
Zu Besuch in Warendorf , alles hin
Eine Stunde fahren wir noch, Ann-Kristin
hier dein Zimmer bis zur Früh bleib doch hier
Ist noch jemand anders da außer mir

Na wer steht da vor der tür, armes Ding
Auf der brücke wartet schon, die Nadine
Haar im Käse, Haar im Quark, schon so groß
Schau her Dad du hattest recht, wollen wir los?
Track Name: Nachts zuvor, Pt. 2
Morgens frag ich mich: Woher kommt nur all das grau
Abends sag ich: Kann sein, weiß ich auch nicht genau
Viel geredet, viel gelacht und viel erzählt
Lang gedauert bis keiner friert und niemand fehlt

Wie auch immer, ich bleib hier und du bleibst hier
Tisch, Bett, Schrank, Stuhl, will nicht weg ich schäme mich vor dir
Was ist passiert, nachts zuvor waren wir noch zu zweit
Keiner weiß wohin bloß mit seiner Zärtlichkeit
Ich will frei sein, immernoch und immerzu
doch ich seh mich allein wenn ich auf den Tisch gucken tu
Mein Wild ist müde, ich kann einen Jäger verstehn
Eines Tages werden wir uns wiedersehen

So wie ihr will ich nicht sein
so wie du bin ich allein, daheim
Track Name: Twenty-four
He always said that I was twenty one but I was twenty four
He always said I was a little crazy about a girl but I was in love
Well what is the point at all about the truth, it could not count less
He always said I was a little crazy about a boy but I was obsessed
I've just grown so tired of asking who is to blame and the sun means so well today but she is just calling rain.
Fall on my duck eyes

In his life my daddy seemed so shy and he seemed so scared of all the millions ways to call his life a lie
Yeah he was dreaming bad
Well what is the point at all about the truth, it could not count less
I always said 'Oh please I'll wait outside I don't want
to see you undressed'
And I just can't feel all of those djungle fears
And I just can't tell you what that really means to a little bird like me.
Track Name: First step cracks down
Carrying a condom just to play safe but never coming to need it anyways
Putting it back into the drawer case after a hard n lonely rave
the feeling of pimples on your brain, the feeling of pain
Tell me how to come across and not hitting the ground
Tell me how when your bicycle breaks down

And I'm just too afraid to blush but it's just a rush
of blood to the head that makes the cheeks turn red

Theres much inside me that I hate
Anyway, there are some thing that I find ok in between what I've done and what I've become

If you want to be near me now, it's too late
but somehow I find that ok for better or worse
I just think that you cant wait forever

Track Name: My dogg
Fuck fake flowers in your grave
for reasons I forgot I embrace and meet you at your mama's place, will you be there?

Riding on a bicycle train
will it stop at Sun Drain
Winter wind blows snow in your cave, smells awful

And I didn't know that life is that sad but I know as im here at your mama's place
I don't know what to say and wait another round

And there was time to meet this awful place
so it seemed that I had time to waste my time
Her knee is like a broken bike chain, still in bandages

Forhead jump into your eye holes
I hung my feet from your brows
When it was getting dark I returned into your mouth

Now I love my dog better than you
cause he is always with me smiling, biting for his right to piss down the avenue

For now he still seems kind of scared but one day he will hop on my chair and wave his tail across the air
when he's got used to me

I can tell the story til then: 1999 on a Saturday
Forget about the thoughts that are in your head, all the broken hearts that are in your head
Oh yeah