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released June 19, 2015

Songs written & performed by Florian Boss.

Piano in “Needle In The Hay“ arranged and performed by Poyraz Hannutoglu.
Piano solo in The Great written and performed by Poyraz Hannutoglu.
Wtf4 written by Florian Boss and performed by Black Cracker.

Some friends came by:
houaïda: Solo vocals in This Is How I Go and “Needle In The Hay“, Background vocals in No No No No
Tina Kämpe: Background vocals in No No No No
Max Boss: Additional sounds in The Great, This Is How I Go and No No No No
Doron Sadja: Snaps in Y/N, Emo On A Beach and You're Just An Alien

This Is How I Go Grand Philharmonic Choir: houaïda, Doron Sadja, Lily Benson, Tina Kämpe, Max Boss, Florian Boss

Mamase contains samples of the song Chicago Kasten, performed by Oh Ne, courtesy of Ramin Ton. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Songs produced, recorded & mixed by Florian Boss.
Piano in “Needle In The Hay“ and The Great recorded at Clouds Hill Recordings in Hamburg, Germany, with Sebastian Muxfeldt.

All instruments recorded at Moon Studio in Frickenhausen, Germany.
Vocals recorded at home in Berlin.

Mastered by Cem Oral at Jammin Masters in Berlin.

Daniel and Eleni, thank you for all your support and advice. Couldn't have tamed this beast without you.

Plus special thanks to the nice people at Musicboard Berlin for the cheddar that made the taming a lot easier.



all rights reserved


Allie Berlin, Germany

Allie is a solo artist from Berlin who released his 4th album in June '15 on Motor/RaR.
The first 2 were homerecorded and released with Ramin Ton, a Berlin-based gang. He co-scored a film with Paul Giamatti and then played solo shows in New York, Paris and all over Germany.
His 3rd album Uncanny Valley was recorded at Clouds Hill Recordings in Hamburg and came out in March '13.
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Track Name: Wtf4 (feat. Black Cracker)
Everytime you lift me up I think you're gonna drop me
and that those 8 clouds beneath maybe are not gonna stop me
7, 6, 5 to 1, I fall right through
and it's a long way down from heaven
I think I'm gonna stay down here, close my eyes and imagine

all this talking and considerin
grew around what makes me feel just like a little kid again
rather feel like I'm on the wrong train, swimming the wrong stream
maybe I should dry myself and piss away my dream
I'm still singing Mayo but at least I have a car now
not sure what I do more, turn heads or raise eyebrows
This toy of mine grew and grew and now weighs a ton, it
seems hard to move and can't believe I already have done it
3 times, and analyzin's just upsetting me more
maybe should have called this what the fuck 4
Track Name: Y/N
Tearing hair out over telling the same old joke that you was told already 2, 3 years ago

Should I get a dome or just give up and bury fame
a normal life, a normal peaceful closer
yes or no?

This here is a train of thought you ain't gon rob
that no barricade, no lion off a chain can stop
Wonder who woke up this finally napping baby
cuz someone will get fed to it but it ain't gon be me

I'm feelin for what life is when the daydreams suck
and my lion is for real, but asleep on drugs
Do I wake it for the fame or the family tree
for my sanity to stay or just for, I'd say, me

Do I talk to your soul like hello
make you stumble and spit out the barrel
Blows that occur once in a while that show your view's too narrow
or it's not even meant to change an order like a Zarrow
Usual like a hello

Tearing hair out over telling the same old joke
as I will probably sit there 20 years from now

It came a day when I just cut it off and buried fame
a normal life, a normal way to laugh or cry or so
Track Name: The Great (feat. Nuño)
I didn't cry when grammy died
though she took care of me as a child
a loss of many
while they've grown to be a man

She fought the cancer in her leg
but there are times it just fights back
and that's the end
for 9.7 out of 10

Said "I don't think you'll be okay
no you'll feel great, and I mean great"
but I don't know
I guess she knew that she was done

And it still hasn't dawned on me
times were very few when I visited you at the cemetery
and yes when I say few times I mean pretty close to none

And you know that you have changed
when it's for family then it's not for fun

Sentimental minds, how bout less cryin
Uncanny likeness to a child
whose mom's a moment out of sight

Except that she's never coming back
or sneaking up for fun, instead
just went out like a candle
so I will go out with her in mind
Track Name: Princes Jan
Teary for a while
and she's not coming back no more
in case that's what you're waiting for

and my wish for the meteor's
to find out who you really are
Track Name: Mamase
Aiming for the stars or the heli above
It does start to spin, crash in a tree and then what
But if you hit a star how can you ever know
Maybe when you try enough but probably never at all
So we trust

Was aiming for a star and shot the heli above
It's when both plans and people in their way end up in a coffin
Once I hit her in the heart I had to carry her
and with this kind of load you'll come only so far before they bury you

But only when you say "I've given up already, cause there's too many holes in too many stars, you were right, you were right" the sun will set

The sun will set

Flamin from afar and it scares me a lot
Thought I was cool, turns out I'm not
Once I saw her in a bar I had to stare at her
We hit the car top
It's when I said

Some are looking up for no reason
Others are starstruck in awe
Some go inside cuz they're freezin
only few try hosing down stars

Cuz youre right
if you go too far up there's no breathin
but aiming too low there's no ground
The piss on the floor is now ceiling
keeping us warm and holding us down

Shootin only darkness is scarce as bad italian food
A lucky hit just when you got used to failin

Look what my mama said
I don't have time for that
taking my dreams all over the world

Look where my feathers go
they're not coming back no more
to take my dreams all over the world
Track Name: This Is How I Go
On some sunny day I'll say good bye
wave or kiss or hug or high 5 you
4get that parking trucks can block the sight
but speeding ones can help us bo3mind, 2

Thinking how it's getting cold
with 1 foot on the iZEROad

Tossin turnin high up in the air
like a seal that gets fucked over by some orcas
So that's why they tell you to beware
Splashin on the concrete like on water

A safari for the passersby
but there's no lion, just a little bit of shinbone
Good thing we already said good bye
still a little cloud around my lips tho

Noone saw the driver get away
You'll probably find him out some sunny day
forget about your life and make him pay
for he once took your love away
Track Name: Emo On A Beach
Won't you play my favorite song tonight
cuz these alien babies make me feel so nice
and you could be my next mind loss tonight
Add a couple of more, they've made me feel so right
Not sure if it's wrong to go so fast
Right then I imagine where your mouth's been last
Guess you came in here, let a lot of trash behind
and now need someone to clean up this mess

but I dont believe I've ever been that guy
Is that wrong or is it right?
Is it right or did I just let some good fun slip away

Won't you play my favorite song tonight
Whoa, if you did i'd die
Well I don't really mean to say it but I know my songs can only make some babies cry
Modesty's a lie that I believe
Need any beaver just to build a levee here
while I'm washing off your name from my lips with beer
cuz what else is there to say about the end of our bay
other than it's here

Emo on a beach

When you feel you float away
keep your head up along the way
When you feel you float away
grab some wood, stay afloat and pray

God, my holy sea air carries sin tonight I said: I don't believe there's anything too light
to hold on to in the night
Am I right?
Am i right or did I let the one bitch that's been sent for rescue walk away?

I like
marine blue, marine green as the sea
marine blue, marine green lasso me
This blue will an emo never ever be
Marine blue, marine green as the sea
Track Name: The One
What's the difference between a priest and a nun
You know this one?

Said I'll make you smile and we'll be having some fun
Said and done

Maybe you're the one

Sittin on a prairie horse's back and we run
into the setting sun

Wish that I had never learned how to use a gun
Run faster boy, run

Maybe you're the one
Track Name: No No No No
I've been waiting in here for so long
like some pharaoh in his coffin
Some embalmed skin and bones

I've been waiting like enchanted frogs
are waiting for a thing that never comes
Said you wanna know
Said you wanna know

No No No No
not being cynical

No No No No
but do you deserve it all?

Alexander was a pretty man
but I think he's never had a girlfriend
and they sure called him The Great

And Napoleon fought at all costs
but even he admitted when he'd lost
I hope it's not, I hope it's not too late

No Nono Nono Nono No No
No Nono Nono Nono No No

No No No No
climb back in a hole
No No No No
crawl back in a hole

You didn't like his salad, right?
But let me take you to his palace, cried
and lost at roulette to green

And I mean, look at all the friends you got

I got a feeling that they're not a lot
like me
The way they dress, they way they wannabe

And I know I'm stupid, sorry
but there are some things about you, too
that make me look less like a ruler
and even more so like a fool
See am i really stupid?

No No No No
I'll just wait some more
No No No No
like a pharaoh

Cuz I've been waiting in here for so long
and you said you wanna know what's wrong
Said you wanna know
Said you wanna know
Track Name: "Needle In The Hay" (feat. Nuño & houaïda)
Every time you go away
when all we need's another break
you used to send another song
I used to wait

How long to wait?
Have not been not drunk in days
and lost track of your ways

Every time you go away
all we need's another day
all we need's another song
for me to play:

And whats the chance to ever find someone
from what I've seen it's pretty close to none
Even if no thing was ever left undone
we'd have to wait

And so we wait
and spare me the stupid saying
cuz a simple magnet is all it takes
to find that needle in the hay

Hey, when things are falling down
Track Name: You're Just An Alien
You think you're a warrior
You really think you're a warrior
but you're just an alien

You watch your back
Before you know where you are
You're gonna pick up malaria
cuz you're just an alien

Yeah go ahead, take a stone
and go fly back to the moon
or wherever you're coming from

Cuz I bet you're not even a martian
You're not even a martian
You don't even shimmer green
and now I'm done

How can it be such a drag
Hope you get home
and call for attack

You're supposed to be
from what TV has taught
different than us
but not a whole lot

How hard to build things
that fill up the sky
To look like a bug
but a monster in size

A claw for a hand
yet somehow advanced
To cast a shadow that goes
from New York to France

Well look what the cat dragged in
who would've thought to see you again
and seems like you brought your friends

And what's that, a laser gun?
Sure looks like a laser gun
Not sure if we're having one

And now you're a warrior
It's what I call a warrior
but still just an alien

Well now you're a warrior
and that's what I call a flying saucer
but still just an alien